We Treat Your Boat Like It Was Our Own


Why Us?

    We provide professional and thorough underwater boat hull cleaning and zinc service, at your marina or private dock, anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Hull Pros is a locally owned and operated hull cleaning service founded by Aaron Chessen. Aaron's certifications range from, PADI certified with over 25 years of combined diving and boat maintenance experience. Certified In-Water Hull Cleaning Best Management Practices.  His professionalism and dedication to his clients shows in everything he does and the services Hull Pros offers.

Convenient Service

    As the leading hull cleaning and zinc service provider in the Bay Area, Hull Pros offers full service cleaning of your boat’s hull In-Water Best Management Practices. We use environmentally safe cleaning practices and take great care not to damage paint or other components.

     We also offer a detailed hull condition report with each service and, for an additional charge, photos or video of your hull and other underwater components. This eliminates the need and the expense of taking the boat out of the water and offers our clients the service, convenience and peace of mind they need.

Why Zinc?

     The combination of metals installed on your vessel along with the salt water, creates galvanic corrosion. Hull Pros helps protect your boat from galvanic corrosion by installing zinc as a sacrificial anode. This protects stainless steel prop shaft, metal struts, rudders, rudder fittings, outboards, and stern drives from damage.

Contact Hull Pros

     To learn more about Hull Pro and to schedule your hull cleaning, contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our service and provide you with an estimate.



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